Welcome to Road To Bethel Radio. This is an Internet Radio Station that is devoted to streaming the gospel of Jesus Christ Over the Internet. The Music varies between Christian Alt Rock, Christian Hip Hop, Christian Contemporary, and Worship. It's main purpose is to reach the lost with the Gospel with such spots as "The Roman Road" and Messeges picked and presented. Please refer to the Schedual to . be informed on whant is Playing We also Report on News and Events as well as prophecy, or false prophecy which ever. With a weekly report on EarthQuake, Valcano, and Solar Event activity, as well as Meteors etc, We keep track of animal die offs, and What ever current thing is on the horizon, Keep inform by tuning in of Visisting our Social Pages..

Below is what has been airing

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Road To Bethel Radio Show Can be Heard Live at Yuba Cities the Rhythm 105.9 fm on Sunday Mornings from 8 am to 10 am. The Rhythm 105.9 try's hard to keep a wide variety of music, and we are Thankful for the opertunity to present Jesus on such a Main Stream Station. If you would like to under write the show Please Call the Station directly at 530.674.1842 And tell them you would like to Underwrite The Road To Bethel Radio Show.

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Radio Show Schedule 105.9fm 8-10am Sundays

THIS IS THE SCHEDULE TO THEROAD TO BETHEL RADIO SHOW NOT THE STATION. For the inet streaming radio station schedule click HERE or on the MENU BAR.